Day 1 Project Healthy in Italy- Discovering Bologna


I have arrived in beautiful Bologna, Italy where I will be living and working from for the next month with “Project Healthy in Italy”.

In case you are a new reader, get caught up on my project here

I got my gym membership in order, tasted some local food and wine for lunch to help me ease into everything. 😉 You can see some pictures below…

I am loving my apartment right by Piazza Maggiore, and I am settling in and getting ready for a really exciting and hectic month. I can’t wait to take you along on the journey to discovering why and how the Italians are so healthy!

532A0394bord med mat og vin red

Lunch (pranzo). The Italians are so good at making vegetables taste yummy! Grilled zucchini with local cheese. 

Tomorrow I have a really exciting day as I am travelling (by train) to the very small town of Pieve a Nievole where I will be meeting and interviewing the famous Italian health guru, David Mariani. Make sure you tune in tomorrow via my Instagram ( watch Instastories) account here to see everything happening live. I will be visiting some exciting places with him to discover the secrets to living a long and happy life.

Just a short update for you today as I am still getting installed here. I will be back with a lot more to inspire you on how to live a happy, healthy life the Italian way!


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